Big chubby bear goes on a diet and he is far from thrilled by it

Dear diet, things aren’t going to work between us. It’s not me, it’s you. You are completely tasteless, and I can’t stop cheating on you.

If this fluffy bear was a person, it would probably be thinking something quite similar.

Dillan, the big fat bear, had to be put on a strict diet because he was… Wait for it… Twice the size he is supposed to be.

The chubby bear was rescued by The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado last month. They had to put him on a diet because his eating habits and the lack of movement were unhealthy for his wellbeing.

Here’s the face of someone who is definitely less than thrilled with this new diet.

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Posted by The Wild Animal Sanctuary on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Dillan was rescued at the end of January. Until then, he had spent his life inside a small concrete pen at a Pennsylvania roadside zoo. There, he didn’t have much space to move around, so he quickly gained weight.

Unfortunately, this extra weight is putting the bear’s health at risk.

Kent Drotar, the public relations director at the sanctuary, shares with The Dodo:

“He’s literally 100 pounds overweight. His belly hangs to the ground.”

The rescuers are determined to help the chunky fluff drop this extra weight.

Dillon The Asiatic Bear is Finally Rescued! Through the USDA’s urgent action, Dillon was removed from the Union County…

Posted by The Wild Animal Sanctuary on Wednesday, January 22, 2020


They are feeding him fresh fruits and vegetables, and they are trying hard to get him exercise. But Dillan is not quite pleased with his new regime. Who can blame him anyway? Drotar adds:

“[He] just seems to enjoy the peace and quiet and in a very relaxed way slumbers off and on throughout the day. He has fallen in love with the fire hose hammocks that we use for our animals.”

Luckily, Dillan’s new home is exactly what he needed.

The staff is taking amazing care of the bear, and it shows, as his personality is emerging more and more.

Kent says that their new friend seems to enjoy the positive attention he receives. “Dillan is turning out to be a bit of a ham”, he notes.

Clearly, Dillan couldn’t be happier at the moment. What’s more, he would soon get a bigger home where he’ll be able to move around a multiple-acre habitat with another rescued moon bear, Lily. Hopefully, getting outdoors will improve the quality of the bears’ lives even more.