Bunny in a bow tie travels First Class and receives Deluxe in-house service

This emotional support bunny is living its best life.

Coco the rabbit has attracted a plethora of attention while traveling first class on an 11-hour flight from San Francisco to Japan.

Image credit: Kennedy News

The lovely elegant rabbit has experienced what most of us only dream of, thanks to her owner Takako Ogawa. Coco is not only traveling in luxury, but she’s also dressed for the occasion. She’s wearing a fancy little bow-tie.

The bunny we all wish to switch lives with had her own seat on the plane.

She also had a soft little cushion to snuggle up. The cabin crew fell in love with eight-year-old Coco. They even swapped duties, so they could all go and meet her.

Image credit: Kennedy News

As a matter of fact, this wasn’t the first flight for Coco. Three years ago, the sweet fluff ball traveled from Japan to California, when her owner first moved. However, Takako had to keep her pet in the hold. This time, she was worried Coco was too old to be back there, so she did the best she could to keep her bunny safe.

Takako decided to register the rabbit as an emotional support animal. She paid an extra $100 to get her lovely pet this status. After this, she was allowed to go into the cabin with the bunny in a carry case, and there was a seat prepared especially for Coco.

According to Takako, her dear rabbit was quite popular with the staff.

Coco was so adorable that one member of the staff even offered her a special treat. They prepared her a sweet ice-cream sundae and a bowl of almonds and other nuts to nibble on.

Image credit: Kennedy News

Takako, a CEO of analytics startup Panalyt Japan, says this was one of her favorite flights she’s ever had.

“There’s nothing like being able to take your bunny on the plane. She was very curious and was hopping around. She’s usually very good. She’s very calm being surrounded by people and in a different environment, so she took it really well.”

Coco’s owner shares the staff were kind enough to ask if the bunny would like anything.

After they gave her the little bowl of nuts, Coco was extremely happy.

Image credit: Kennedy News

In the beginning, Takako was worried about how would the flight go and if Coco would be okay, but everything turned out to be much better than she expected.

“I was nervous [she might try and explore the plane]. She did hop around, explore the pillows, but only in her own [business class] cubicle. I wouldn’t want her hopping around [the rest of the plane].”

Image credit: Kennedy News

The thing Takako was mostly concerned about was having to put Coco, an eight-year-old rabbit, in the cargo area. She explains:

“What happens in the cargo is that there are a lot of anxious animals on the plane with her. Dogs will be barking all the time. My friend had a cat that was put in the cargo that got so nervous during the flight that she couldn’t eat for another week after landing.
That kind of pressure might have been bad for Coco because she is older now.”