Crippled dog abandoned on a street in her broken wheelchair and a bag of diapers

Unfortunately, many disabled dogs don’t always get picked by people to live with them until their final days.

Many people who are looking for a dog search for a young and healthy one. Hence, they ignore the disabled ones every time they come across them.

Lunita is a sweet dog who believed she had found a warm and caring family that would give her a loving home.

And for a while, they did take of her. But one day it all came to an end.

Photo courtesy of Lunita’s Wish

She was left on the street, tied up outside a shop in Argentina. The reason she was abandoned was her disability itself.

She was found on the street in her broken wheelchair. They simply did not want to bother with her any longer. Lunita was to be someone else’s problem now.

Lunita did not deserve to be left to suffer so cruelly. No creature does, no matter its condition. But one person noticed her and wanted to make sure that she was going to be alright. So they brought her to the local veterinarian clinic where a doctor helped her and even gave her a new wheelchair.

And when this beauty was given a proper wheelchair, she returned back to a normal life. The people who saved Lunita decided to find her a new family that would love her unconditionally.

One wonderful family made the decision to adopt her, but they were forced to bring her back to the shelter. Later on, however, when Lunita’s story was made public, it received a huge response online.

People from all over felt her pain and empathized with her. They wished her the best and wanted to free her from her suffering by finding her a new family.

Posted by Lunita's Wish on Monday, September 2, 2019

Lunita found a new home thanks to a loving family in the United States. She was finally able to enjoy the life she truly deserved. Furthermore, the kind people from Eddie’s Wheels gave Lunita a brand new wheelchair so that she could go anywhere, together with her new family.

Posted by Lunita's Wish on Saturday, June 16, 2018

But sadly, she made it to her 11th birthday and became sick. She passed away soon after.

Lunita’s family said in a Facebook post that they loved her so much and that Lunita changed their life forever.

You can see more about Lunita’s story in the video below.

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