Grandson records original country song written by his grandma more than 30 years ago

This is the sweet moment an elderly woman received the gift of a lifetime when her caring son, Robert, and grandson, Travis presented her with a thoughtful surprise.

The video was recorded on December 23, 2017 in Mountain Home, Arkansas, U.S. and shows the heartwarming moment on camera.

The grandmother could not believe her ears when a song she wrote more than thirty years ago came to life on Christmas day as a special gift from her son and grandson.

Reportedly the sweet lady came up with the song more than 30 years ago and recorded it on a cassette tape, so when her son and grandson listened to it for the first time, they decided to make a fresh cover and brighten her life.

Travis has been recording songs as a hobby, so when his dad came up with the idea to make a cover, he sparked a great interest in him.

In this soulful moment, we have the pleasure to see Robert and Travis present their loving mother and granny with the finished record based on her own song. And you can bet that her reaction was priceless!

Also, talented Travis has been writing his own music, in which he sings in a deep beautiful voice, best suited for country music.

Robert’s mother wrote the song “Fishing in the Sky” and recorded it back in the days on tape. And as you can see in the video below, she broke out in tears of joy while singing along.

Grandson Records Original Country Song Written by His Grandma

Grandma hears the song she wrote 30 years ago, sung by her grandson (click for sound)Song Title: Fishing in the SkyArtist: Travis Ryan Smith

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Needless to say, people around the world are deeply touched by this moment of tearful joy.

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