How to deal with boredom

It can be argued that boredom is not caused by a lack of things to do.

It is likely not even caused by a lack of things you wish you could do. Rather, one can say that boredom is usually mislabeled to disguise a different issue.

Here are some tips that can help expose the real problem behind the feeling of boredom and get back to your true and fulfilled self:

1. Figure out what you really want to do

Sit down and try to figure out what you truly want to do. Boredom oftentimes masks a problem where you want to be engaged in a particular activity but something is standing in your way. This can occur when you are about to watch your favorite TV show, but the cable doesn’t work. When something like this happens, the first step to extinguishing boredom is to simply recognize the activity that you want to be doing.

2. Make a solid plan

Schedule your life to make sure there aren’t large gaps of blank space in between work. This can translate into scheduling high-quality experiences if you often find yourself bored. You can also divide big projects if you constantly find yourself busy.

Recognize what is putting demands on your time. Can you fit in all your “busy work” (eg. responding to messages) into one space of time instead of letting it cause chronical interruptions in your day?

3. Reset your system with a new hobby

Look for something entertaining to do that you’ve never done before. You don’t need a practical reason to try new things, hobbies are for enjoyment and fun only. So, search for something that suits your taste. Keeping busy this way will help you get away from all the stress that is bothering you, and help you refresh yourself in order to get back to the tasks at hand with a clear mind.

4. Be positive

Nothing helps you more than looking at life from a positive angle. Maybe your life is filled with struggle, and you are probably tired of the state of the world and the nastiness you see all around. And there is, of course, no doubt that it can be difficult to stay optimistic during dark times. However, a positive outlook can empower you to deal with problems in life and strive for happiness.

5. Kill procrastination

Procrastination can trigger boredom if there are no distractions around to take your mind off the task at hand. If you have found yourself in this situation, try some of these tips to kill the wait and get yourself on the right track again.

6. Get out and meet new people

For some of us, boredom and loneliness have more to do with not feeling connected. Connecting with others and involving yourself in new and different activities will give you a sense of belonging and being part of a community. Making new friends, creating fun memories with strangers, and getting involved in activities that make you feel whole means you are not stuck in your head.

7. Challenge yourself

If you find yourself chronically bored, this normally means you have a portion of your time where you do not have an activity that meets your needs. Come up with a new challenge or goal to structure your time in a meaningful way.

These are just a few methods you can utilize to defeat boredom. But they are merely suggestions. The most efficient way to beat boredom is to find out why you are bored and come up with a plan to tackle this issue.

What are your personal suggestions for dealing with boredom?

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