Pigeon that Can’t Fly and Special Needs Chihuahua Form Unlikely Friendship at Rescue Shelter

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK – Herman, a pigeon who cannot fly, and Lundy, a 2-month-old Chihuahua who cannot walk, have become the internet’s new darlings after pictures of them took the web by storm.

A week ago, they were put in the same dog bed at The Mia Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Hilton, New York, that shelters and helps animals with special needs to find a new family.

Incredible moments of cuteness were captured by Sue Rogers, who runs the group with her husband, Gary.

Ever since Herman and Lundy’s story has gone viral,  journalists have contacted Rogers from almost every corner of the earth.

“Just Google ‘Chihuahua and pigeon,’” Rogers said. “It’s out of control.”

Rogers never thought that such a thing would happen when she put the two in the same bed. The pigeon, who she brought in a year-and-a-half ago after he was seen sitting in an unnatural position at a parking lot, spends some of his days in a playpen.

“I try to do enrichment and move him around from room to room, so he has different scenery,” said Rogers, noting that Herman’s inability to fly was caused either by an accident or some kind of virus.

The dog bed, with Herman placed inside, was close by when Rogers had to put down Lundy, who cannot use his back legs for reasons still unknown. The sweet Chihuahua came to The Mia Foundation from a South Carolina breeder.

“I didn’t know how Herman would react”  Rogers said. “Would he try to peck him or snap him with his wing? So I put my hand between the two of them and then slowly moved it away, and the reaction was very cute. Herman kind of looked at Lundy sideways. And then Lundy tried to crawl over to Herman.”

Rogers then started her smartphone camera.

“I took the pictures and uploaded them. … And the rest is history.”

Herman and Lundy now have their very own Instagram profile, @lundyandherman, as well as a glorious deal for a new children’s book.

Their fame has generated over $10,000 in donations for The Mia Foundation, which was set up eight years ago and is named after Roger’s late dog, Mia, who was born with a cleft palate.

Rogers noted that since it all started, she has kept on bringing Lundy and Herman together to see each other “a couple times of day, but supervised only.”

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