6 surprising reasons why men don’t show their feelings

One day your man is all over you and you’re both hitting it off amazingly.

Or at least well enough to realize if something isn’t right or just not that mellow. The next day you feel like he is hiding something from you, or just seems a little absent-minded. You can’t seem to put your finger on what could be wrong with him. You patiently wait for a couple of days, maybe weeks. But he just doesn’t come back to the way you two were before.

Well, you need not worry any longer – because this article will guide you through the possible reasons why men tend to hide their feelings in relationships.

1. He feels rushed

It normally takes longer for men to realize what their feelings mean and how they feel about the new changes in their lives. Some men in this situation understand this and find ways to work the relationship, while others are simply too confused and want to escape and hide if possible. And of course the opposite can happen too; if a man is ready to move forward but doesn’t get the same response from his woman, he will naturally pull away.

2. He is afraid of his own feelings

Maybe he has recently been through a major heartbreak and when he feels like he’s getting close to you, he gets scared and hesitant. This is normal and completely understandable, but if not handled in time, you might lose him for good. He could be afraid of other things too, like a disconnection from other aspects of his life. Even men feel can feel distant from their family, friends, or career when they begin spending a lot of time in a relationship.

3. He fears responsibilities

There are types of men who would walk off on even the slightest hint of responsibilities. They feel caged if their woman asks for just a little attention or gets emotional. What they don’t understand is that commitment is vital in all relationships. However, in the early stages of a relationship, perhaps imposing such things or being too needy will just ruin it all.

4. He is just not that interested

As sad as it may sound it is better if the guy realizes this early into the relationship. Some guys are interested in experimenting and as soon as they realize they have made a mistake they swiftly back down. And honestly, this is better than carrying on with a forced relationship.

5. He doesn’t want to lose control and appear vulnerable

He doesn’t want to lose control and be vulnerable in your eyes because he has been taught to show his masculine side only. He is firm in his belief that if he shows a woman what he feels, he’ll just come across as too sensitive which (he thinks) is not an attractive trait to have because men are supposed to only be rough and tough. However, when a guy starts feeling comfortable with and free of judgment from a lady he truly likes, he will eventually decide to open himself up to her.

6. He is afraid his feelings may be used against him

If a guy fears that his feelings will at some point be used against him, that he will lose power and appear too vulnerable, or if he does not trust a girl yet, he will wait for her to make the first move.

While this may sound cowardly, it is just how men are wired and they shouldn’t be blamed for that.

Sometimes, a man will wait endlessly for a woman to display her feelings so that he feels emboldened to finally show his own feelings too.

It is basically not about him hiding his feelings but more like a postponing and patiently waiting for the right moment to show them.

To sum it all up 

People often say that a little distance can sometimes be a good thing for a relationship. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore something like that for long. Men can get difficult and don’t always fully express themselves, but this does not mean they don’t have anything to say. If your man is moving away from you, don’t just let him go. Fight for him and talk it all through – you would be surprised how much he’ll have to say.

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