This San Francisco church every day provides the homeless with blankets and ‘sacred sleep’

St. Boniface Catholic Church in San Francisco, California, has been taking care of the homeless for the past 15 years.

They have been letting the unfortunate sleep in the church’s benches. This generous gesture is a part of an outreach program called the Gubbio Project. The program provides blankets, hygiene kits, and socks to the homeless people who rest in the church each weekday. All they rely on is donations to keep the mission going.

Image credits: The Gubbio Project

The catholic church gives the people in need shelter after a long, harsh night on the streets. It’s much safer for them to be awake at night, that’s why they prefer to go to the church during the daytime.

San Francisco’s St. Boniface Catholic Church also supplies the people with 150 blankets a month, 100 pairs of socks a week, and hygiene kits with soap, shampoo, razors, and toothbrushes on a daily basis. Their goals are to provide a safe space for the homeless and to cultivate a sense of community among them.

One of the most valuable principles the project has, says: 

“All people, especially those who are living on the streets or have mental health or substance abuse issues, are worthy of respect, dignity, and loving kindness.”

Image credits: The Gubbio Project

The guests of the San Francisco’s catholic church are not forced to fill any forms or answer uncomfortable questions.

They are welcome to warm up in the winter, get some decent sleep, and even join the daily Mass.

One of the homeless men who take shelter at the church, Rod Tate, 56, told the San Francisco Chronicle that he has been sleeping there for three months now.

“We either get disgusted or numb. But this is a place where I experience grace deeply. The ability to look somebody in the eye and said, ‘Can I help you, sir?’ I had a gentleman say, ‘You called me sir! I haven’t been called sir in years!’

What they do here isn’t going to solve the problem. But it’s going to do something for the problem right now.