Seal pup and sausage dog form a peculiar friendship

An extraordinary friendship between a sausage dog and a seal pup has formed up a few days ago.

This would probably be the cutest thing you’ll see today!

Melanie Talbot, the dog owner, shared several adorable pictures of her little sausage dog, making friends with a seal pup. When Melanie and her pupper Stanley visited the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall, they met Aayla, the seal.


Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Stanley and Aayla started bonding as soon as they saw each other.

When the seal pup noticed the sausage dog, it swam straight up to the glass and pressed its nose towards the pooch on the other side.

Luckily, before Aayla swam off, Melanie was able to take a few heart-warming photos of the new friends. The loving dog owner shares:

“I couldn’t believe it when they posed up, I’ve never seen anything like that before. When I looked at the photo I captured it just made me think that friendships can blossom in any animals – it was nice to see different species form such a bond.”

Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

We can all agree that when dachshunds tuck their feet while sleeping, they do look a bit like seal pups. Melanie believes that Aayla liked Stanley because he had his snood on over his ears due to the cold weather, and he kind of looked like a baby seal. 

“You wouldn’t think the glass was there, it just looks like their noses are touching and that she’s whispering to him. In the picture, the seal has her head on one side, she looks almost like a dog in that pose. It was so lovely and such a heartwarming thing to see.”

Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

The proud dog owner adds that she has never seen her sausage pup been so happy, especially in front of the camera.

She couldn’t think of a moment she managed to photograph such a ‘magical’ interaction before. Of course, Melanie has seen her pupper bond with other dogs, but this was the first time he had made friends with other species. She is extremely proud of the photos she took of her dog and its new best friend.

“When we went to look at the seals outside she kept coming out of the water to look at him, they seemed to have a magical bond, which felt really nice.”

Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Aayla is one of the many seal pups the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary takes care of.

There, they successfully rehabilitate over 70 grey seal pups every year. They rescued little Aayla from Bacton in Norfolk back in 2017. Tragically, she was malnourished and had a small injury on one of her flippers. Vets even had to remove several of her bones.

Thankfully, they saved Aayla’s precious life, and she had made a full recovery. She has been living in the sanctuary since 2018.

Georgina Shannon, the Marketing Manager, shares that Aayla is a very active and cheerful seal pup. Besides, she enjoys playing with her seal friends in the sanctuary. Her favorite game seems to be sneaking up the team and teasing the other seals while sunbathing.

“Aayla is very intelligent and quick to pick up new things during her training sessions, even with her part-amputated flipper she still manages to keep up with the others and get into plenty of mischief.”

Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

It is truly amazing how friendships are so powerful, they can form everywhere, even between different species.

Hopefully, Stanley and Aayla will have more opportunities to catch up in the future.