10 telling signs your child is gifted

If you are a parent, you have likely asked yourself the question “Is my child gifted?”

Finding the answer can be difficult because gifted children are individuals too. They are as different from each other as those who are not gifted.

However, they do have a few traits and characteristics in common.

Even when you are certain he or she has those common traits and you understand your child met several of the developmental milestones at an early stage, you might still not be able to tell for sure.

Regardless of what many people believe, not all parents think of their child as a gifted individual, and parents of gifted children are often unsure or reluctant to claim that their child is gifted.

If you want to find out if your child falls into this special category, take a look at some of the common traits and see how many of them fit your own child.

1. Early Development

Gifted children tend to reach developmental milestones much earlier than their peers. If your child is talking in well-structured full sentences, has a strong vocabulary, engages in conversations and asks many questions it could be a clear sign of a gifted individual. Just keep in mind that there are large differences between children’s development, especially in the early stages.

2. They can identify patterns

Pattern identification (for instance jigsaw puzzles or what time of day mom comes home) is not something too ubiquitous in little kids. Unless, of course, they possess a gifted intellect.

3. Speaking speed

Gifted kids often have a tendency to speak at quick speeds. They tend to talk about things that interest them at a faster pace and may even switch topics to ones of preference. To someone who doesn’t have a clue, that may come off as a sign of rudeness, but it is actually a sign that your child has diverse interests.

4. They prefer the company of adults

Because of their advanced intelligence, gifted children may have difficulties relating to kids their own age. They may be misunderstood – or simply bored. When the circumstances are such, gifted children may seek the company of older kids, teachers, and other adults for stimulation.

5. They are able to follow directions

If your kid can easily follow complicated directions, it can be a sign that it is gifted. For instance, if you tell him or her: “Switch the television off and go to your room, take the book from your table, come to the kitchen, put the book on the table, collect your toys from the floor, and then we will read the book,” and your child has no trouble following all of the instructions, it is a strong indication of a gifted child.

6. They have unique interests

If your kid has distinctive and passionate interests from an early age and focuses on them strongly, it could mean that it is gifted. What sets gifted children apart from others, in this case, is that they are highly knowledgable about their topic of interest.

7. They are highly focused

This one should be treated with caution. Most gifted children have an extraordinary ability to focus on the things they feel passionate about. A gifted child stuck in a dull classroom will quickly lose this ability, however. In this case, they may even be considered as having poor focus in a typical classroom setting.

8. They have good imagination

Gifted children have powerful imagination by nature. They are dying to play, pretend, and fantasize. They may create unique fantasy characters, worlds or even secret languages. The imagination of gifted children is colorful, filled with details, and with little to no plot holes or missing elements. Daydreaming is also common in the gifted’s child’s experience.

9. They are leaders

Does your child have a leader in him or her? Does it possess the ability to motivate and to encourage other people? If you’ve noticed that your child is a natural leader when among friends or easily comes up with bold ideas that others follow, this can be a sign of potentially strong leadership skills.

10. They see learning new things as fun

Gifted kids have such a strong passion for learning that it turns into a hobby. Due to their high levels of intelligence and love of learning, they may share very few interests with their peers.

Can you recognize any of these traits in your own child? Share your story with us in the comments.