A strong woman would never chase you. She would simply replace you.

A lot of women struggle in relationships with the wrong person. In reality, most of them constantly run into the arms of those bad boys that seem all hot and edgy but are actually pretty pathetic. And instead of getting away from suchlike toxic relationships, these girls stay and hope for a miracle to happen.

No, these women don’t enjoy being mentally abused all the time. They don’t like wasting years of their life on a relationship that has been doomed from the beginning. The problem is that they fall madly in love, and they are blinded by their partner’s charisma and confidence, without seeing their issues.

These fooled girls don’t see how easily the “love of their lives” is manipulating them. After all the mind games, they can’t tell the difference between fake and genuine love.

Well, that’s not what a strong woman would do.

This woman is extraordinary. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. No mind games will work on her. Briefly said, she knows what’s up.

When she loves, she does it with her whole heart. But the second she sees you’re not the right person for her, she would let you out of her life and gracefully move on. Sometimes she’d break her own heart, but she would do anything to free her life from the presence of toxic people.

What she’s completely certain of is that she is unique and powerful. She is aware of who she is, and she knows she deserves the best. This woman won’t lower her standards for anyone, nor she will beg you to stay. She has dignity after all. A powerful gal like her wouldn’t let herself waste time on the wrong person.

The difference between a strong woman and everyone else is that she would never chase you.

This girl knows when someone is authentic and when they’re pretending to be somebody else. These cheap emotional games don’t work on her. And if you try to make her chase you or beg you to stay, she would simply replace you.

This doesn’t mean she jumps from one relationship to another. She could replace you with her own self. Being in her own company is a thousand times better than wasting her time on someone unworthy of her love.

There is nothing more inspiring and sexy than a woman who knows what she wants from life. But sometimes this scares people away. Just because she has high standards, others might think she is spoiled or egocentric. Well, that’s not the case. She simply has boundaries.

One of the things she definitely doesn’t tolerate is someone daring to mistreat her. And if someone crosses her boundaries, she wouldn’t think twice before walking away from this person.

This is not the weak woman who will spend countless sleepless nights thinking how to get you back. Nor she is the girl who will give all of her energy to someone who doesn’t appreciate her.

This is the strong woman who won’t settle for anything less than what she deserves.

She doesn’t need to be trapped in a rotten relationship with a toxic narcissist or a self-centered sociopath. This endless cycle of mental abuse and mind fooling is not for her. If you are not treating her well, she won’t give you the opportunity to do it ever again.

No, she won’t give you a second chance to fix the damage you caused her. If you are worthy of her love, you wouldn’t need a second chance. Instead, she would look for the right person who will cherish and love her the way she needs and deserves.

And if she feels you are right for her, she would give her all to you, and love you like no one else. This girl is worth more than every diamond in the world. If you already have a strong woman standing beside you, make sure you treat her well. She is a true keeper. So, do anything you can to keep her and never let her down.