The stylish grandma Bad Lil Baddie, 92: ‘Stealing your man since 1928!!’

She has her own beauty collection, millions of followers on Instagram, and Rihanna and Miley Cyrus adore her! And she has been stealing your man since 1928!

Meet the fabulous Helen Ruth Van Winkle. She may be 92, but her spirit is still young and adventurous, and it shows!

Before Helen became an Insta icon back in 2015, she lead an ordinary life in Waco, Kentucky.

She took care of her grandchildren, looked after her small farm, and went to church every Sunday.

One day, Hellen’s granddaughter took a picture of her stylishly wearing a pair of cut-off shorts and a tie-dye t-shirt. Little did they know that this picture was about to be a game-changer.

Her granddaughter helped Hellen set up her Instagram account. They posted the picture with the most fierce caption a granny could come up with: “I’m a bad b**ch; always been a rebel.”

Her username also has an interesting story.

“So we decided ‘bad’ β€” ‘baddie.’ And then my last name was van Winkle so we put the Winkle on.”

Winkle’s first post instantaneously went viral. The combination between Hellen’s bright, eccentric outfits and her fiery attitude was a surefire way to take over social media.

People just fell in love with this sassy granny.

Maybe not everyone will fancy her boldness and her extraordinary style, but this lady is pretty darn inspiring. Here’s her amazing piece of advice to everyone out there.

“Try not to have too many regrets. Always hold your head high. Wear whatever makes you happy, honey. That’s what I do…

You’re never ever ever too old to party!

As Baddie Winkle says in the video, “slay all day, every day”! Hopefully, she will inspire you to never lose your passion for life and to make the most of your time on Earth.