10 telling signs you might have psychopathic tendencies

Contrary to popular belief, psychopathy is a lot more common than we may think, and chances are you have come across at least one of them in your life, and you will sooner or later encounter more. And who knows, maybe you are one yourself…

Take a look at these 10 telling signs someone might be a psychopath.

1. You exhibit more rationality than others around you

So long as your life is going well and you are not bored,  you do not tend to succumb under the weight of negative emotions, like fear, sadness, desperation or regret. This makes you an incredible problem-solver and gives you the ability to work quickly when it is called for. In addition, it enables you to stay calm and collected should an emergency arise or if a deadline is hanging over your head. People who find themselves in a life-threatening situation have a better chance of surviving if you are around when it happens because you act swiftly and strategically without being distracted by their panic and pain. 

2. You are a natural liar

Morality is put by the wayside if you are a psycho because you don’t truly care. You want to get your hands on anything you like no matter the cost. If climbing to the top means that you are to trample over everyone else you will do it without hesitation.

3. You know how to externalize blame in clever ways

Psychopaths never feel guilt. They blame people or their circumstances when things do not go as planned, but highly-functional psychopaths do this in smart ways.

So instead of simply pointing fingers, a smart true psychopath may craft a convincing lie for why events or circumstances outside of their control are to blame for any damage they may have inflicted.

4. You are a different person in different situations

You are a master of shapeshifting. You can change your behavior to fit any circumstances you may find yourself in. You know how to use compliments and flattery to gain the trust of others. You are an expert actor or actress who can mimic any emotion and play any role the situation calls for. You can be witty, charming, a joy to be with and act like an empath to make friends and others around you believe that you truly care about them if there is anything in it for you.

5. You enjoy drama

Most people say they would rather stay away from drama, but they love to be let in on all the gossip surrounding it. People do not want to be part of the drama, but hearing about it is quite exciting. You, on the other hand, do not mind the negative waves in your life. You are keen to observe the people around you and how they react in such circumstances.

6. You are easily bored with other people and the ways they spend their time

You crave adrenaline because it takes you out of the prison of boredom. You may get your rush by being in charge of a big group of people or by living on the edges of danger. You also might use drugs to achieve the adrenaline fix you desire. When life gets too boring, you tend to play mind games with others to satisfy your neverending need for stimulation.

7. You are impulsive

You are only driven by your cravings. If you want something badly, you do whatever it takes to get it. If you hate something, you do whatever you can to destroy it or flee from it. The crucial thing, however, is that you always stay in the shadows. If you cannot rationalize your actions, you will brainstorm until you can successfully achieve your goals.

8. You have a preference for a parasitic lifestyle

You are constantly looking to receive more than you are offering. You may make more cash than your whole family tree, but you often crash on your brother’s couch or live off your parents’ money. When others treat you to dinner or a movie or do you a favor, you only pay them back if you think there will something in it for you in the long run.

9. You are sneaky

You feel complete when your lies go unnoticed, when you cheat, or when you take advantage of somebody. People are dispensable objects who you use for your own gains and you don’t have any meaningful relationships with anyone.

10. You are selfish

You were never willing to share your toys as a child, and that habit has stayed with you ever since. Psychopaths are naturally selfish because they lack all forms of empathy.

Can you name any other psychopathic traits we may have missed here? Let us know your thoughts by joining the conversation in the comments, and please don’t hesitate to share this article if you enjoyed the read.