10 things narcissists are absolutely afraid of

Like everyone else, narcissists are afraid of lots of things.

Mostly connected with their emotional state. Shockingly, they are not as untouchable as they think they appear to be. In reality, these self-absorbed people are weak and vulnerable. As they tend to manipulate others around them, they can’t imagine exposing their true nature.

Here are 10 of the greatest fears narcissist have.

In case you are in a situation where you need to defend yourself from a narcissist, you could use some of the information below. Just make sure you’re not doing it with the idea of harming anyone.

1. Humiliation

“What would people say?” is one of the most important things in the life of a narcissist. That’s why public humiliation is something they are really afraid of. They take themselves too seriously to let someone laugh at them, especially in front of other people.

2. Insults

Narcissist fear being insulted more than you would’ve thought. As most of them struggle with fragile self-esteem, an insult can shake them to their core. They try too hard to create situations where everyone likes and praises them. So, when somebody insults them, they feel like their whole world is falling apart.

3. Shame

One of the most important things for a narcissist is being adored by everyone around them. When somebody tries to shame them, they feel like they are not being appreciated, and that scares them. Not only they get discouraged, but they also fear been seen as unworthy in society.

4. Being invisible

What makes narcissists the most self-centered creatures in the world is that they need attention all the damn time. They always make sure there are people around them to admire them and boost their self-esteem. That’s why they are scared of being invisible. When somebody ignores them, they get quite furious, but their fury is only covering their deep fears of being invisible.

5. Getting exposed

Often narcissists find themselves under a huge pile of lies they’ve created themselves. They lie to impress, they lie to manipulate, they lie to get what they want. Yes, they are a bunch of nasty liars. However, when being exposed, they feel defenseless. Whenever someone points out their dishonest behavior, they might seem awfully angry, but in reality, they are absolutely frightened.

6. Failure

A narcissist’s ego wouldn’t let them be anywhere but on top of everything in their life. That’s why they take it very deeply when they fail at something. Along with the feeling of failure, come the fears of being humiliated and shamed. Not only their world collapses, but their frail self-esteem brakes into pieces. Failure extremely messes up these egocentrics’ minds.

7. Rejection

No one else needs admiration more than a narcissist. They can’t live without being cheered and praised. Overall, narcissists just can’t handle the thought there are people who aren’t crazy about them. So when someone dares to reject them, these self-focused individuals get quite scared and anxious.

8. Commitment

Committing to a relationship is probably what narcissists fear the most. Being too close to someone freaks them out. This feeling of vulnerability makes them think that by letting their guard down, they would expose all of their insecurities.

9. Their own imperfection

We all know nobody is perfect. However, narcissists don’t want you to know that they are flawed just like everyone else. That’s the reason why they get afraid when their imperfections come to light. It’s just that they spend so much time trying to hide their bad sides, that they don’t want anyone to see their true colors. Of course, they don’t, they know that would be quite an ugly scene.

10. Death

Narcissists see dying as a loss of everything they’ve fabricated and built for themselves throughout the years. No one’s going to adore them and give them attention when they’re dead. They see themselves as gods, so they can’t imagine not being here for their admirers.