This giant bird’s nest bed is everything you need

There you have it – the most eggcellent bed in the world!

This bed is everything you need. It’s cozy, warm, and pretty adorable. Just imagine yourself cuddled up in one of these lovely Giant Birdbeds. Wouldn’t it be the most comforting feeling ever?

Image source: Oge Group

Initially, the idea for the giant birdbeds was to inspire creativity integrating playground vibes into furniture in social places.

Each of these visionary-looking nestbeds consists of two parts.

The first part is the wooden nest frame made of pinewood panels with a slanted foam pad interior. It is covered in soft cotton-lycra fabric.

The second part, the comfy one, is the mushy egg poufs. Every egg pouf is so comfortable, it feels like it’s hugging your body. Of course, each bed comes with covers that can be easily unzipped and thrown in the washing machine.

Image source: Oge Group

What’s more, you can order them in different colors and match your home decor for a cozier atmosphere.

The extraordinary nestbeds come in three different sizes. In case the smallest five-cushion bed isn’t working for you (200 cm, AKA 6.5 ft+), you might want to check out the eight-cushion bed (roughly 8 feet long). And if that’s still not enough, there is a larger one – a 13-cushion nestbed (over 11 feet).

Well, it’s not the most affordable bed you can buy, but you can look at it as an investment piece. The prices vary. They range from 3,600 € to 6,400 €, which is about $4,240.86 to $7,539.30. Still, it’s something that will definitely brighten your home.

Image source: Oge Group